Geography Education Program over the Internet

For school-going (any board) and home-schooling students (age 13 +) everywhere

Three batches:
3 April – 31 December 2017

These are not coaching classes for exams!

Geography education relevant to life in the 21st century

“How to enroll” details are given at the end of this page

  • How are Earth’s core, continental movements, Andhra pickles, butter-fruit milkshakes, horses, verandahs, and French fries connected?
  • What are the connections among latitudes, Ramzan, Christmas, Pongal, and temple architecture?
  • What is the connection between Earth’s crust and your home?
  • How do you know your route to familiar places?
  • How do Earth’s physical features, human actions, latitudes, and climate change connect with the spread of diseases?
  • Are you a geographer? How do you become a geographer?
  • How does geography connect with your passionate interests such as literature, music, language, sports, etc.?
  • How can understanding geography help you in any career you choose?

 These are only some of the interesting questions you can explore through the G.O.D. program.

Geography is not about memorizing facts and figures.

The TIGS way of learning and exploring geography helps you uncover

interesting connections through different activities:

·       Discussion ·       Case study ·       Documentary clips ·       Current events ·       Travel
·       Reflection ·       Reading ·       Your own research ·       Writing ·       Conference

The focus of the program will be on:

Critical knowledge Critical understanding Critical application of geography

Some field trip ideas we are considering:

  • Kāveri amma: the giver of life  — full of physical geography, cultural geography (music, religion, agriculture, mythology, legend), history, literature, and so on. We also consider the three Ranganātha temples with Śrīrangam as the culminating point of that riparian triad.

All sacred geographies trips would ask question such as ones examined here.


  • Geographic inquiry skills.
  • Potential for students’ work to be published on a dedicated space at the TIGS web site to an international audience. (Possibly also in print; this is under consideration.)
  • Possibility for presenting primary geography research at International Geography Youth Summit.


Dr Chandra Shekhar Balachandran, Geographer. You can view his curriculum vitae here (PDF).

How to enroll:

Please read the full details of the program are here (PDF) before enrolling

  1. Set up a Gmail account for the studen. (It has to be Gmail).
  2. Set up a Skype account for the student.
  3. Send an email to geo[at]tigs[dot]in (replace [at] with @ and [dot] with .) with the following information from the student’s Gmail account:
    1. Student’s full name.
    2. Parents’/Guardians’ details
      1. Full names
      2. Email addresses
      3. Phone numbers
    3. Student’s age.
    4. Student’s schooling status (home-schooling or school-going)
    5. Student’s location (city, state)
    6. Student’s Skype ID
    7. The batch you would like to join (batch details are here)
  4. Set up an account on the TIGS site by following this link. Complete only the 1st step for now.
  5. Remit enrollment fee of INR 1,000 (refundable at the end of the course, less any costs owed). Instructions on how to remit are here. The enrollment fee should be received in our account before 10 April 2017. Please email the transaction details and the name of the student for whom the payment has been made to geo[at]tigs[dot]in (replace [at] with @ and [dot] with .)
  6. If you have any questions, please contact Dr Balachandran at geo[at]tigs[dot]in (replace [at] with @ and [dot] with .)

PDF version of this flyer is here.

Full details of the program are here (PDF)