Update: 2 July 2017

Full list of scheduled abstracts + daily program (printer-friendly PDF) (31 pages; A4 size; landscape orientation)

Special project for school-going and home-schooling students during IGYS-2017

  Theme: “Citizen Geographers”

7 – 9 July 2017 at Army Public School, Bengaluru

Geography is not just about memorizing facts and figures. Even more importantly, it is about building and sustaining benign and compassionate inter-relationships among humans and between humans and the environment.For this, Geography offers many tools.

Anyone who uses the tools that Geography offers in the cause of building and sustaining these relationships is a Citizen Geographer – whether they may realize it or not.

The International Geography Youth Summit – 2017 (IGYS-2017) will engage with this theme through a variety of traditional and non-traditional means.

Previously, TIGS organized a conference: National Geography Youth Summit – 2014 (NGYS-2014) with the theme “Envisioning Geography Education for 21st Century India.” NGYS-2014 identified several areas of need in geography education in India to meet the needs and challenges of the 21st century, focusing particularly on the needs of our youth. It also identified some ways forward towards addressing these.

IGYS-2016 saw a record number of school children presenting primary geographic research that they had conducted in their own neighborhoods. You can read the abstracts of their presentations here.

Many of the children, and adults, who participated in IGYS-2016 urged us to conduct the IGYS annually rather than biennially. As a result of discussions internally, we decided to take their interests seriously and conduct the IGYS annually.

IGYS-2017 will offer:

  • Various formats for research presentations in addition to the traditional paper and poster presentations.
  • Specialist workshops for school teachers and students on a variety of topics ranging from the fundamental concepts of geography to up-to-date tools and techniques in geography.
  • Activities for school students to engage with geography in fun and non-trivial ways.
  • Plenary sessions where geography practitioners will share how they are using geography to make a difference in the world.
  • Information for young geographers, particularly school students, on how geography could be a rewarding study and career option for them.

Intended audiences

  • School students – classes 8 – 12 and home-schooling students of similar age.
  • Undergraduate and post-graduate students in geography, environmental science, and other allied disciplines.
  • Professional geographers – in academic and non-academic arenas (e.g.: developmental organizations, commercial organizations)
  • School teachers of Geography, Social Science, and Environmental Science.


Internship and volunteer opportunities are available throughout the year. Contact us for details.

Support us

Your support in cash and kind will help us reach more children, especially those who are under-served, via a variety of means in local languages. Contact us to find out how you can support our activities and become a part of geography education for the 21st century.

Exhibiting at IGYS-2017

To set up a booth, kiosk, or stall at IGYS-2017, please contact us.

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