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Geography and the 2018 Winter Olympics

Winter brings chills to various parts of whichever hemisphere is having winter. How chilly it gets, varies from place to place. You must have read about climatic controls – those factors that affect the kind of climate a place has.

31 Jan, 2018

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Fire-mouth – jvālā-mukhī

“Don’t go on the internet!”, you are often admonished. And rightly so. It is addictive and can lead you to waste a lot of time, believing things are neither true nor wholesome for you. I get all that and I agree with it. However, …

17 Jan, 2018

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Little Rajasthan, Bengaluru

My father was a veteran of the old market (pete; pronounced PAY-tay) area of Bengaluru. Every evening, he used to walk from the Accountant General’s office (near the Vidhana Saudha) back home to where we lived at the time, on the shores of the emerald lake! It was actually Yediyur lake, the supplier of all […]

10 Jan, 2018

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One plate idli

I have lived in a few different parts of the world over the years. Of all the breakfast foods, the ones I grew up with in Bengaluru are my favorites. Though I like and relish the various other kinds of breakfast foods out there, my comfort foods for breakfast include: idli (no. 1 favorite!), vaday, […]

08 Jan, 2018

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Underwater vulnerability

“I have just sent you an email. Check it and let me know what you think. I’ll stay online”, is a common part of conversation across continents these days. Usually, in a matter of seconds the recipient is able to read that email. I often find myself saying, “It’s been ten minutes, since I sent […]

02 Jan, 2018

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Deadly geographies (1)

The four questions of geography: Where is it? Why is it there? So what? What if? We apply these to some deadly geographies today.

12 Dec, 2017

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Deadly geographies (2)

Coca to cocaine, we saw, was a process of bulk-reduction (large volume of coca leaves reduced to smaller volume of product) and value-addition (the cost of the product is higher than that of the raw material).

05 Dec, 2017

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Deadly geographies (3)

Today, we look at the geographies of heroin, another very deadly drug. It is connected to terrorism (especially in Afghanistan), international violent crime, corruption, and efforts by many governments to control its flow. These control efforts have not been particularly effective, alas.

03 Dec, 2017

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Circular concerns (1)

China, India, Pakistan, USA, … relationships with ups and downs lead to long-term policies that make for very interesting geographies of international relations. This is the kind of current geography (and history) that we ought to be studying in our classes.

21 Nov, 2017

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Circular concerns (2)

International geo-politics (geography-related politics) is a very tricky process. It requires a good knowledge of history, human psychology, economics, anthropology, etc. And, of course, geography. So, keep your atlas handy while you read all this.

14 Nov, 2017

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